5 Ways To Make Most Of The Push Notifications

Notification Making Tips

Push notifications are a great way to reach your website’s target audience and frequently remind them of your offers, providing more value and branding. If you can understand and leverage this marketing tool optimally, you can create a super brand experience for users, and boost your sales. Because it is a permission-based tool, your users are already convinced about the value of your service/products and you need to channelize this conviction to reap maximum benefits.

Research your audience

It is important to find out exactly who is the subscriber base. Put some thought and research into your users and give them what they might be looking for. Keep the messages crisp and relevant to your audience at all times. Geo-targeting helps to understand the various geographies and cultural preferences of your target users and lets you make informed decisions about your messages.

Timing the message

For every kind of product and user group, there is a perfect time-slot to deliver your message and get maximum attention. Sending notifications during commute/rush hour may or may not work for certain kind of audiences. Bear in mind the various time-zones if your target group is spread internationally. Is your audience typically surfing late at night? Make the most of the pre-midnight announcements around the weekend, in that case. It’s easy to find out your audience’s active and responsive hours, so time your notifications accordingly.

Customize your offering

You can personalize your messages with the data that you already have from the user-sign up. Features like using the first name, remembering preferences and recent purchases can make the message more relevant to the user. You can use segmented messaging to send out different but relevant messages to your audience to get more results.

Write powerful messages

The frequency of your messages should be just about enough so that the users don’t feel interrupted or annoyed with thrice-a-day popups repeating the same info. Use short and clear messages that are action-oriented and entice the user to move to your website right away. Always proof-read and spell check your content, no matter how short it is.

Monitor analytic and measure your impact

Data makes analysing your online actions and their response rate very simple. Utilize analytic to gain insight into the engagement, reach, and click-through rates of each message. Find out what works best for a certain audience and what doesn’t. Use A/B testing and other methods to find out what messages your audience prefers. You can fine-tune and re-work your messaging to get maximum benefits.

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