All you wanted to know about Push Notifications

There are lot many channels with the multi-supportive browser and multi-supportive plugins to welcome the customers on the website. For examples, Email, Chat windows etc. There is also passive form of communication like forums as well. But out of these fascinating channels, Push notification service has proved most emerging way to connect your customers effectively. So, let's learn about this new, sophisticated-yet-simple technology.

Definition of Push Notification

A push notification is your customized as well as personalized message that can be triggered on any device- mobile, desktop or tablet if the user is willing to receive them.

It is one of the best ways to use content marketing because of the higher conversion rates. A study by Localytics shows that app retention is almost double for push-enabled apps. What's more, the user doesn't have to be in the app or on your website to receive them. The messages trigger even when the users are not browsing or actively surfing, subtly reminding them or notifying them of important brand updates.
Perhaps the best feature of this service is that it is device agnostic and works on almost all browsers. Push notifications service such as Frontuser is proven to have a higher efficacy and user engagement, retention and engagement as well.
The non-intrusive nature of Push notifications makes it an almost perfect marketing tool to engage with users without interfering with their work or browsing.

Some of the advantages of Push Notifications:

  • Genuine, authenticated users who have opted in
  • Timely and subtle notifications to your audience
  • Segmented messages, delivered according to user time zones
  • Powerful API
  • Generate reports and analytics to serve your users better
  • Higher open and conversion rates
  • Save on cost of app development

Since users are in full control here and can opt-in/out by choice, the method is more effective than email campaigns, social media or other means of driving your marketing content. Once you open this new channel to your readers, your business will never be the same again.