Email campaigns, Social Media, SMS vs Push notification

Today, the world around us has been completely revamped. There are multiple options with their own benefits by which we can drive customers back on our website or app. Email Campaign, Social media, SMS are some of the leading tools to have in a marketer's wardrobe.Here we goes with meticulous comparison of all of these tools.

Email campaign

Email marketing uses direct marketing of content to a group of people via email. A single email is sent via email blast to several people at the same time. Typically online marketers use email to deliver product news, talk about offers, give tips and tricks, remind users about items from their wish-list or carts, take feedback etc.

It has a good reach and accessibility. The majority of the world's online audience has an email account. Email messages are easy to read and also work well to save user's details such as order and tracking details. Email marketing is so far considered a successful and effective means to get results.

The disadvantage of email marketing cannot deliver real-time or time-sensitive information. You can't control when the user is going to check their email and it could be any number of hours. This is not very efficient for time-bound messages and you could lose the window of opportunity to tap on your audience.Apart from that, let's take a look at the figures which states only 10 to 25% of sent emails are seen and the main reason behind that is most of them either go to spam or don't seem attractive enough for the customers to read them.

Social Media

Social media networks are really catching on in terms of popularity and effectiveness. They are excellent channels for promoting discounts, offers, and short-term gains because of the increasing amount of time spent online by users.

Ironically, the reach of social media is very high but the user engagement rate of social media is relatively very low. Social media is quite effective in brand building and creating a general awareness as opposed to achieve some specific goals.


SMS is extremely useful to send messages that have to be read and actioned on immediately. Or to send verification codes that have to be filled in instantly. It is a vital medium for sending important business updates that are simple, direct and non-intrusive.

The disadvantage here would be that messages cannot exceed 160 characters that can be quite a restrictive communication.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications enjoy a unique position in this scenario. Push notifications are device-agnostic and reach a wider range of your market – on mobile, tablet or desktop. With the power of real-time push notifications that users have opted for – it has the potential to reach a large number of people online.

You save considerably on expenses you could incur from building an app. It is the one effective tool to deliver relevant, real-time and personalized messaging. What's more segmented and targeted content with contextually relevant content based on time zones, countries, and other preferences. Moreover, In comparison, 80 to 90% of web push notifications are seen and read by their target. That means most of people who receive a web push notification will read it.