Reviving E-commerce and M-Commerce with Frontuser

Push notifications are a powerful means to reach large number of desktop and device users. According to one research about 42% of the online audience still prefers desktop. The advantage of push notifications to boost your company’s marketing efforts is that they reach your customer regardless of location and create an instant, real-time connection, possibly leading them to an offer they like.

How does this work?

Visitors or users of your website potentially agree to opt-in or agree to receive notifications from your website. These could be further segmented into the various kinds of notifications they would like to receive – for example: offers, deals, EOSS etc. The users who agree by opting in become your subscriber base.

The advantage of Push Notifications is the high opt-in rates, especially for e-commerce. You can manage to create your subscriber base very easily from your users.

Notifications are enabled for any device and most standard browsers. They are also optimized for the users’ geographical location, time zone and preferences. Because the messages are very short and subtle and they don’t disrupt the subscriber’s’ activities, they have a higher impact and retention rate.

Push notifications are considered better for e-commerce and m-commerce than email, SMS or social media for a variety of reasons.

  • There is a higher engagement and retention rate
  • People who have subscribed already have an intention of availing special offers/discounts. You have a ‘willing’ audience.
  • Open rates for push notifications are much higher than other marketing tools.
  • Users receive them even when they are not on the website, optimizing the reach